A much sought after international author, educator, and motivational speaker, Norm Bouchard is a lifestyle humorist. He is entertaining and informative, using the human condition as the focus of his message. His teaching style enables people to closely examine their assumptions about what they think they know about themselves. His unique blend of humor, story telling and music brings an intensity of feeling to the audience that implants a clear message that changes lives and thinking patterns. Norm has a talent for revealing essential truths common to each us and integrating the values we have with the values and dreams we hope to encompass in our lives. A supreme storyteller, singer, speaker and visionary, Norm has the ability to reach within his audience to touch their hearts and change their lives.

Norm Bouchard was Vice President for the Society of Certified Senior Advisors and served as part of their International Faculty. Norm currently serves as Director of Marketing and Communications for Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado.

29 Questions for the Ordinary Life:
Revealing the Profound Amidst the Ordinary
By Norm Bouchard

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did you write this book?
  I have always been a seeker and believe in asking questions and doing personal work in one’s life. This past year I had a recurring dream three nights in a row. In my dream I was sitting before a council of people all dressed in white. I could not make out any faces but knew somehow that they were wise. The figure in the middle of the group stood up and said, “You must answer the 29 questions.” I spoke up and asked “What are they?” and then I woke up. This same dream happened in the exact same manner three nights in a row. So I decided that it was important. I have a spiritual guide that I work with and we spoke about the dream. After speaking about it I decided I should write down 29 questions I may have. I could only come up with ten. So I sent an email out to all of my friends and colleagues and asked, “What are the three most important questions you should be asking in life?” The responses were amazing. We notice that there were Life questions, Personal growth questions and Spiritual questions. Once we divided them up and placed them in the appropriate categories, we counted them. There were 29 in each category. Not only did I get chills, but I realized how important writing this book is. So from these three categories I chose 29 to write on.
2. Why is it important to ask questions?
  Socrates wrote, “The unexamined life isn’t worth living.” I heard that powerful quote when I was studying philosophy back in college and never forgot it. In fact I chose that quote to open my book. There is more going on than meets the eye in what seems to be our ordinary lives. When you ask questions it causes you to move beyond the surface of life to look at what is really going on and what is being asked of you. When you ask questions you dig deeper into what life is all about. Your life is not ordinary at all. Your life is extraordinary and what seems mundane really is an invitation to greatness. Each and every experience we have in life, whether we name it good or interesting, is a life lesson waiting to happen if we would ask what it is about. This not only works for individuals, but also for groups, companies, and corporations. We all need to be asking questions.
3. You say that what you see on the surface in your life is not really what is going on. How does asking questions get you to see the truth about what is going on?
  I have learned that the truth of who we really are called to be often times does not show up in our ordinary life until we asked deeper questions. Each life experience is given to us to learn and grow. We have enormous potential to be fully who we are but often times settle for less. I once was in an unhealthy relationship and a good friend of mine asked me why I was settling for less than who I was? Great question! That relationship was inviting me to something greater. Thank God I was asked that question and it changed my life forever in the world of relationships.
4. How do I know if I am asking the right questions?
  If you are asking the right questions you will feel an invitation to become more than whom you presently are. The right questions always call us to question our limitations and look at our possibilities. The right questions are about growth, not settling for less. The right questions are always moving us toward self expansion, service and reaching out to others.
5. Who influenced you most in life?
  I have met incredible people in my life but probably my grandmother was the woman in my life that always seemed to be herself. Not only was she powerfully who she wanted to be but also was opinionated, and asked me powerful questions. I always felt loved, challenged and encouraged by my grandmother. She just stated things bluntly, honestly and with passion. I believe everyone needs my grandmother in their life.
6. How has your life experiences uniquely prepared you for this book?
  I have had the most incredible life path thus far. Spending ten years in the catholic priesthood certainly influenced my life. It gave me great insights into one’s heart and spirituality and how those values affect everything one does. In the world of Catholicism one is not encouraged to ask questions which made me even hungrier to ask them. Another great influence in my life was working for a company that educated professionals about the aging process. The more you age the more you are invited to ask questions. Lastly, my spiritual work with Mile Hi Church has had the most powerful influence in my life. The teachings of Ernest Holmes has not only invited me to grow but also encouraged me to ask many questions about who I think I am verses who I am called to be. Every single step in my path has prepared me for this book and I bring that rich experience to the pages.
7. What are the habitual practices we need to bring into our lives to transform them?
  First and foremost is to make time to ask questions in your life. Set time apart each day to go to the quiet place in your heart where you can hear what is important to you. Practices like meditation, yoga and spiritual reading can be a perfect place to start. Secondly, do your personal work with a life coach, spiritual director or a group of caring people. Thirdly, discuss these 29 questions with a group of close friends. Lastly, hang out with vision people who see your potential or who you feel awesome when your with them. Get rid of folks in your life who don’t see your potential, or your greatness.
8. How do you use your humor and stories?
  I have been told on many occasions that I am funny and have great stories. Life is a riot and you do not have to look too far for humor. Start with yourself and the rest is easy. In my presentations I use tons of humor because those who laugh, last. Humor allows us to examine tough things with a light heart. I spend a whole chapter in my book on the importance of laughter. In reference to stories, I have collected many through the years. The power of story is that it allows us to wander around in the story, related to the characters and discover truth for ourselves. We are only as good as our stories. Storytellers allow us to see a truth amidst falsity, laughter amidst tears and meaning beyond the mere facts. I am that storyteller.
9. What is the single question you wish everyone would ask?
  There are many, but one I think that is important is Why are you here?
10. What is the question that would transform my life?
  Tell me about your life and I will ask you a question!

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